Inside Phillip Lim’s Studio

November 20, 2014 Decorating

Inside Phillip Lim Studio-4

When people ask me who my favorite fashion designers are Phillip Lim is always on that list. HIs pieces are so beautiful and feminine but also a bit edgy and urban. I have a few Philip Lim pieces and I always feel like such a “cool girl” when I wear them. Fashion blogger Garance Dore recently posted a tour of Lim’s design studio and it’s just as chic as I would have expected. Although I am probably more known for my love of neo-traditional design, I totally appreciate a modern aesthetic and I’m absolutely smitten with Lim’s modernist studio, especially since it features some of my favorite things like tufted sofas, brass accents, lots of coffee table books, loads of fresh flowers and even a bit of Hunt Slonem bunnies art! Prepare to swoon over the photos below…

Inside Phillip Lim Studio-2

Inside Phillip Lim Studio-3

Inside Phillip Lim Studio-5

Inside Phillip Lim Studio-6

Inside Phillip Lim Studio-7

Inside Phillip Lim Studio-8

Inside Phillip Lim Studio-9

Inside Phillip Lim Studio-1

The designer in his studio. Photos: Garance Dore

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