Chic Serving Trays

June 19, 2008 Entertaining Essentials

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Serving trays

I’m loving these faux-snakeskin serving trays from Nieman Marcus. They’re $125 for the set of three. Apparently they’re very popular because these babies are on backorder. Hopefully I can get on the waiting list! Click here for more info.

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Those are FUN! I adore serving trays! I have TONS! I love throwing parties! I must have trays for everything to display wonderful, delightful yummies!

Michelle Adams


Ooh I totally have one of these and LOVE it! You should try calling Global Table here in NYC! (212) 431-5839 They used to have all the sizes and they sold them separately! The middle size, which is what I have, only cost $30, and it’s FOR SURE the same tray (Two’s Company manufactures it;)

Also, thanks for all your support! I sincerely appreciate it 🙂

So Haute


Thanks Michelle! I will definitely check out Global Table! And so happy for you and all of your success!

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