Zatista: A Great New Source for Affordable Art Plus Our top 5 Picks for Amazing Artwork Under $100

July 9, 2010 Art & Culture

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“Brilliant Splendo”, Oil on Wood, by Kit Hevron Mahoney

I just discovered an amazing new resource for affordable original art that I couldn’t wait to tell you about! Zatista is is an innovative new online marketplace for high-quality original art which gives you access to fine and contemporary works from artists across the globe.  Zatista’s virtual gallery makes browsing its broad selection of photography, paintings, drawings, digital art and mixed media works a breeze and you can find pieces at all price points to fit any budget. And if you’re new to collecting or don’t know where to start, the site’s Art 101 section provides useful information and resources to help the novice art buyer take the first steps towards building a collection. Be sure to check out Zatista and below are my top 5 picks for amazing artwork…all under $100 and all available at!

“Serene”, by Kelley Sanford Oil on Canvas, 4.0 ” x 6.0 ” $95

“Sugar Spoons”, by Justin Wheeler , Archival Ink Jet Photograph, 11.0 ” x 14.0 ” $55

“Poppies”, by Becky Joy, Oil on Canvas, 6.0 ” x 6.0 ” $100

“Barnstorming 1”, by Tracy Mewmaw, Archival Ink Jet Photograph, 19.0 ” x 13.0 ” $80

“Out of the Limelight” by Latisha Yates, Archival Ink Jet Photograph, 16.0 ” x 20.0 ” $35


Jill Seidner | Interior Design


Good to know source! Always looking for affordable artwork for clients. Thanks for sharing!

Dayka@ Life+Style


i haven’t seen the new elle yet, but i love her place. sheryl always seems so down to earth and yet worldly, so I’m not surprised her place is so . . . interestingly beautiful!

Nanci Erskine


Hi Nicole-
As a painter who has work on the Zatista site- I really appreciate all the folks I’ve found who have mentioned the site.

I’m using it to market my smaller paintings, and hoping to connect with some good art consultants to place my larger pieces.
Let’s hope Zatista thrives and proves successful for lots of artists!

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