Reader DIY: Genevieve’s Skirted Sink

August 18, 2010 Decorating Ideas

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I’m always delighted to hear that my blog is a constant source of inspiration for others. Recently, New York based fashion stylist Genevieve Yraola emailed over photos of a fabulous DIY skirted sink she completed in her bathroom after seeing my post on skirted tables. Take a look:

After reading your blog on skirted tables, it inspired me to give my bathroom a quick DIY makeover. I wanted to hide the ugly plumbing under my pedestal sink as well as give extra storage. I made my skirt using fabric and velcro purchased from Mood Fabrics and grosgrain ribbon from M&J Trimming. First I measured the height and width of each side of the sink and just added a couple of extra inches for seam allowances on all sides to each panel. I hot glued a velcro strip under the sink as well as the coordinating strip to the top of each panel. I used permanent fabric glue to create my hems and to attach the grosgrain ribbon trim. For a clean finish, I cut each tip of the ribbon at a diagonal. I attached the front panel first, followed by the side panels. The entire project took me 3 hours and $25 to complete!

If you have a fabulous room, an ingenious DIY project or an amazing before and after transformation you’d like to share, email me at info {at} and your project could be featured on So Haute!

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Visual Vamp


So cute! Reminds of the one Eddie Ross did at his house.
xo xo

Paloma {La Dolce Vita}


It looks fantastic. So tailored and chic!

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