The Scoop! Two New Shows Starring Top Interior Designers Set to Hit Television!

November 5, 2010 News & Events

Curious to know just what goes on behind the doors of some of the most venerable interior design firms in Hollywood? Soon you’ll be able to get a glimpse when a new television series called Million Dollar Decorators hits bravo. The show is currently in development and will star A-list designers Mary McDonald, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, Nathan Turner, Kathryn Ireland, and the design duo of Jeffrey Alan Marks & Ross Cassidy. You’ll be able to follow the designers who will give a sneak peek into their lives and a taste of what it’s like to navigate the world of high-end design while working with demanding VIP clients to complete multi-million dollar design projects.  I’m sure there will be plenty of design drama and expect to see a sprinkling of celebrity here and there as this roster of uber designers all have some of Hollywood top names as clients.  Million Dollar Decorators will air sometime next year & I’ll keep you posted when I get the full deets!

Another high-design series set to hit television is a new HGTV show tentatively titled Designing Women which will chronicle the fast-paced design projects and glamorous lives of  New York based interior designer Amy Lau, Toronto based Dee Dee Taylor Hannah and LA based Lori Dennis. From what I hear this show will delve a bit deeper into life at home and the social lives these three designing women.

I’m super psyched about these two shows and definitely plan to tune-in…will you be watching too? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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This is so exciting….I can’t wait to tune in. I hardly watch tv, but these are shows that I am def. going to DVR. Thanks for sharing Nicole!


Jill Seidner | Interior Design


Very exciting – hadn’t heard this news yet but definitely shows I would b interested in watching! Thanks for sharing!

Jan Jessup


Hi, Nicole–
For more immediate gratification for all the fashionistas, the supermodel IMAN stars in Bravo’s The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection premiering Tuesday, November 9.

This is the second season of “The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection” (a seasonal replacement for Project Runway) and it is getting a makeover with new host Iman, model and wife of David Bowie. Designer Isaac Mizrahi and Laura Brown of Harper’s Bazaar return to judge a competition between two fashion “houses” (each consisting of six designers) as they create a fashion show from start to finish for each episode.

You can see more of Iman’s talents in the new IMAN HOME collection of fabrics that is retailed in the Calico Corners – Calico Home stores across the country. They are also online at

Season two of “The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection” premieres Tuesday, November 9, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

cassandra @ coco+kelley


ohhh – time to get the tivo ready! they both sound fabulous!



OH MY GOD, this makes me so happy. Design TV has been a fucking wasteland until now (fuck you very much, HGTV).

Love this news!

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi


Exciting! I especially love Mary McDonald, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard and Dee Dee Hannah!



Dee Dee Taylor Hannah? Really? Why because her sister was married to that Dean Loser and was jilted for Tori Spelling?

Really HGTV?

I mean Really?

You can do better.

Erika at BluLabel Bungalow


I am so excited…this is long overdue!! I will be glued to my TV AND recording each episode.

Lisa Ferguson


LOVE all these designers and these sounds like quality productions. Please tell me networks will bring to CANADA!?

Lisa Ferguson



FYI: You may not know…..

Dee Dee Taylor Hannah is EQUALLY if not more famous as her sister here in Canada. I have decorated a home her architect division did alot of work on. She is talented and made for TV.

rusty worthington


Martin L-Bullard is a con artist, a scammer and full of BS. That’s how he parlayed his way into celebrity homes. He owes a lotta people money and did numerous unethical transactions. He should be in jail and not a “star” on a TV show. Pure bullocks.



I will definitely watch and record. I loved Material World, somehow all my saved MW episodes
disappeared from my dvr, I suspect my husband……. I wish they would rerun Material World instead of all the low end decorating shows.



+1 to Rusty’s comment.

I would like to confirm Rusty’s post. Martyn-Lawrence Bullard’s bio that he sells to people is all made up. I know of neighbors who used to live next door to him in a little town outside of London and his claims that Maria Callas [famous opera singer] was his God Mother or that his father was a Tenor is total bullcrap. These are the type of stories that he’ll weave to sell himself to people. So, don’t believe his schtick.

I would also like to add that Jeffrey Allan Marks, used to be a relatively nice guy. However, Ross has turned Jeffrey around for the worst. Ross’ attitude sucks and he’s pissed a lot of people off in the industry. They also do not pay people that they owe money too. Jeffrey’s office has always had their problems, but Ross has made it worse as he tries to play bad cop for Jeffrey’s business. The real problem being that he doesn’t know when to turn it off. This is due to the fact that Ross is totally inexperienced in this line of work. He talks down to people who know more about the business than he does. But, because they happen to be working for Jeffrey, he feels he can be condescending and rude.

So, there is some dirt. Should you choose not to watch it, good for you. But if you do watch it, just remember you’re probably supporting people who rip people off and are not deserving of their successes. I guess we have to know when our principals can count for something. Either way, don’t believe the facade that either of them put up.

Having said that, I need to leave with some positive. I will give a huge praise and acknowledgment to Mary McDonald. She’s a very straight forward woman, pays her bills and is very talented. Yet, while I don’t know her, Kathy Ireland is very talented as well. I also think the show misses its mark by not putting up people like Blackman-Cruz. Although, I don’t think that they would do a show like this.



I have never seen a bigger bunch of freaks in my life . I hope las zetas find you Joe Francis you are a piece

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