Jot Down Your New Years Resolutions in These Chic Leather Notebooks From Smythson!

January 10, 2011 Entertaining Essentials

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Make it Happen
and Follow Your Dreams notebooks, $75. Be Happy notebook, $60

Along with a new year comes new dreams, new aspirations and resolutions to improve ourselves and our lives. I recently declared “Make it Happen” my personal mantra for 2011 so when I came across this chic notebook emblazoned with those very words, I wanted it immediately! I’m thinking of getting this as my personal goal journal for the year. What better place to chronicle my hopes and aspirations than in a luxe pink leather notebook from Smythson of Bond Street?! There are several other equally colorful and stylish notebooks available at Smythson with inspirational sayings like “Follow Your Dreams, “Be Happy” and “Seize the Day.” You can check them all out here!

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Julie at BV


Hi Nicole,

Thank you for your lovely comment about my table. I’m hosting a fantastic giveaway, why don’t you come and enter?

Simply Luxurious


I love the simplistic, elegance of these notebooks and to have the title Make It Happen on the cover – perfect!

So nice to have discovered your blog thanks to @westbysouth. I look forward to following. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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