Look Ma I’m on HGTV!

July 5, 2011 Notes from Nicole

I’m still on a high from my HGTV appearance this past weekend! Although I have done some television appearances before, it was quite exhilarating to have my apartment featured on HGTV – a network I’ve watched since I was a kid! A lot of you who missed the segment have asked if/when the episode will repeat. I put in an inquiry and will let you know when I hear back. Also – I’ve gotten tons of emails, comments and tweets asking about some of the items in my apartment so later this week I’ll be featuring an Ask Nicole where I’ll answer some of your questions and reveal all of my sources! I’ll also be sharing more details about a few of my home projects shown in the episode that haven’t been featured here on the site. Stay tuned! And for anyone who may have missed the segment, I included a few screenshots below!


Tilton Fenwick


We are soooo upset we missed. Can’t wait to get info on re-run. You & your apt look gorge in your screenshots!!



Oh, would have LOVED to have seen it … thanks so much for the screen shots, your place looks gorgeous! xoxo

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou



Loved, loved your place and so glad I found your site!



THE NEXT DESIGN STAR…NICOLE GIBBONS…NOW ON HGTV NIGHTLY! Yes I read the future and I see yours. You nailed it!



Congrats to you Nicole, this is fantastic. I can’t wait to hear when it will re-air, keep us posted!

Nancy xo



Congrats Nicole!!! This is so exciting, I can’t wait till they give you your own show 😉

Melissa R.


I saw the episode! LOVED EVERY BIT! Congrats!

Erika Ward


Hey, I missed that! You go girl…You looked amazing in your screenshots. Very forward thinking to capture that…Looking forward to the repeat!

Jamie Herzlinger


Stay on the high! Congratulations! I hope you enjoy yourself
Have a great weekend
Jamie Herzlinger



Congrats on the HGTV gig! Is it on YouTube? Sorry I missed…



eeeek! lady i am so so excited for and proud of you! sadly, i don’t think hgtv is here in india – but if hopefully it’ll be online and i can check it out there.



Sorry about the late response, but you did a fan-tab-u-lous job!!

Neahle Ize`


I have always loved your home. I have several screenshots of it pinned on Pinterest – and sourced 😉 – as inspiration for my apartment. We have very similar styles though I gravitate to a warmer color palette for my living room – creams, tans, orange and yellow for pops of color (I’m using your living room palette for my bedroom.)

I look forward to the post detailing sources, but there is one thing I MUST know immediately – where oh where did you get the “Keep Calm and Drink Wine” print? I need it in my life now.

– Neahle Ize`

Frances Bailey (Style Director/HGTV)


Call me, Nicole! Let’s have you in for lunch and talk about your awesome episode on HGTV.



Just saw your episode and loved your space! If you get a sec to respond, would be so happy if you would let me know what color/brand you painted your kitchen cabinets. That is exactly what I’m trying to do and have went through a ton of paint chips/samples and can’t find my one. Thanks!

    Nicole Post author


    Hi Janet – Thanks so much for watching and so happy to hear you loved my space! The paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Light Pewter! Hope this helps!

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