Get the Look: Beautiful Beni Ourain Rugs

August 16, 2011 Decorating Ideas

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Interior design by Gregory Bissonnette. Photo:

An item on my current lust list is a traditional Beni Ouarian rug. I so want to toss the cowhide in my living room and replace it with one of these eclectic beauties! They have such a timeless look and are a great way to add an ethnic touch to your decor. You’ve seen them in your favorite shelter magazines and above is a perfect example from Elle Decor. These authentic tribal rugs are hand woven by people of the Beni Ouarian tribe and other neighboring Berber tribes that reside in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. They’re made of wool and typically feature a black diamond pattern woven into a cream foreground which is often accompanied by other tribal patterns. Because they’re hand woven, no two are alike! Originally these were used as blankets for protection from the cold but they’ve found a place as a totally chic decorative flooring accent. Be warned though…authentic Beni Ouarain carpets can be quite expensive. Below are a few resources for bringing this look into your own home including an affordable, look-alike find from Anthropologie. Check it out!

1. Beni Ouarain Tribal Antique Rug: $2200 at Pavilion Antiques via 1st Dibs | 2. Beni Ourarain Pile Carpet: $6000 at Calvin-Morris Gallery via 1st Dibs | 3. GET THE LOOK FOR LESS! Flokati Diamond Rug: From $598 at Anthropologie

A few other great sources for these beautiful Moroccan rugs are eBay, Mosaik in LA and The Moroccan Room. And below are a few more inspiration photos to show how you can bring this eclectic look into your own home!

Tom Delavan – Photo: Patrick Cline/Trad Home

Roman & Williams

Photo: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles/via Sketch 42

Jenna Lyons – Photo: Living Etc

Jonathan Adler

Michael S. Smith – Photo via Elle Decor

Palmer Weiss



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Taylor Greenwalt


I am with you! I would love one of these rugs and get rid of the hide!

kelley pierce


thanks for alerting me to the true name of these rugs. i have always just called them moroccan rugs when i am searching. have been thinking about getting one of these babies for my house. love the look just worry about the dirt since they are mostly cream in color.



I swear I just read recently someone DIY-ed one by painting a cream shag rug. It looked pretty good, actually.

Neahle Ize`


I’m not generally into ethnic design elements, but the Ouarain rug is a wonderful piece. It doesn’t scream Moroccan and could easily fit in with more traditional decor.



i LOVE these rugs too and one is also on my wish/lust list. you should check out the blog My Marrakesh – Maryam sells a wide range of authentic Ouarain rugs at reasonable prices (considering how expensive they can get!).




On my wishlist, I’ve been saving my coins for one these.

Suzanne Vachon


Hi Nicole,
Terrific post on Beni Ouarain rugs, we had one at my parents country home, and it lasted us a lifetime, they are incredibly durable and so decorative and warm.


Ali El Hajji



Beautiful picture collection. My Name is Ali, owner of The Moroccan Room, we specialize in Vintage Beni Ourain Rugs and Berber Pillows, We have just received a new and exciting Fall Collection of dazzling Beni Ourain Rugs.

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I love the inspirational ideas of using Beni Ourain rugs. I am an owner of a exquisite Boutique of tribal and ethnic home decor. I have a beautiful collection of Beni Ourain Vintage rugs at a very reasonable prices. please check my Etsy shop (Koco Boutique) or email me for more information:




these gorgeous BENI OURAIN style rugs are ,indeed,among the hotest ways lately to add warmth , style and cozy handcraft feel to almost all interior design styles.
You can find some of those rugs here :

enjoy !

Hassan Philly.


My name is Hassan from South East of Morocco with big passion for Moroccan rugs.
Check out my shop at etsy for a competitive prices for all kind of Moroccan rugs.

Ahmad Djoharian


Hi Nocole, nice post. I like it since these rugs have need out of sight for many designers for a long time. To get the real moroccan feeling into a room a bold geometric designed rug is a must. And other than the brighter types like Zemmour and Taznakht the Beni Ourain are easy to fit since they are reduced in color sheme. We have many nice rugs in stock and are getting a new shippment of nice old vintage Beni Ourains. Our website is



Nice collection. Have a look on some Moroccan Rugs
These are awesome

yae min


i love of Moroccan rugs. Awesome Collection of Moroccan rugs thanks for Share it

Stephanie Rudloe


Beautiful blog post!
We have a great collection of reasonably priced Beni Ourain carpets too!
Get the look with Imports from Marrakesh…
We are online & in NYC in the Chelsea Market.



Hi Nicole! We loved your post and wanted to let you know there is a site called Anou ( that will enable your viewers to buy Beni Ourain rugs from the weavers themselves in Morocco. The website was started by Peace Corps Volunteers and enables all Moroccan artisans, regardless of literacy, to sell their work online independently. Most importantly, the site is owned and managed by Moroccan artisans themselves ensuring that all the money from each sale stays in the hands of artisans.

Here are some Beni Ourain rugs that have sold recently below. You’ll see that they’re all well under the prices that are listed in this blog entry. If they have been sold, you can have the artisans remake it with what ever dimensions you choose.



Moroccan rugs are really beautiful and it’s cool to see that money goes to artisans.

Barbara M Phillips


Beni Ourain rugs are so unique and beautiful. The handmade carpets imported from Morocco I got are a gem.

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