Totally Loving: Bullion Fringe

December 18, 2013 Decorating


Inspired by Liv Tyler’s fabulous sofa which I recently blogged about, I have a newfound obsession with bullion fringe! Bullion fringe is a type of trim made with rope like twists of thread, often silk, that hang down and is typically used on upholstery. It’s a detail that lends a very traditional feel to your upholstery so the look may not be for everyone, but I absolutely love it! I wanted to pull some more inspiration photos of this look and I immediately thought of a few decorators I know who love this decorative element and use it over and over again in projects. 


Miles Redd was the first to come to mind because I see him using bullion fringe in design projects all the time. Here, he uses the trim on a chocolate brown sofa. It gives it such an air of elegance!


In another project, Redd embellished this velvet sofa with a matching bullion fringe trim for a monochromatic look.


Another Miles Redd project featuring a luxe silk velvet upholstery trimmed with beautiful bullion fringe!

Jeffrey Bilhuber - NYSD

This photo shows designer Jeffrey Bilhuber’s living room and here he used a bullion fringe trim for his sofa in a color that’s just a few shades lighter than the upholstery for a subtle contrast.

ruthie sommers

I also see designer Ruthie Sommers using bullion fringe in her projects quite a bit and here she chose quite a contrast, with ivory colored fringe paired with mossy green upholstery.

Nick Olsen

Designer Nick Olsen also loves himself some bullion fringe! Here is a photo of his sofa and I’m loving the gray on gray!

carrier and co

This last photo, like the Liv Tyler sofa I fell in love with, shows that bullion fringe trim doesn’t always have to look uber traditional. The designers of Carrier & Company added bullion fringe to a tuxedo sofa that has a more modern feel with a boxy shape and angular lines. What the fringe does here, instead of making it look too traditional or stuffy, is give the sofa an air of femininity yet it still feels very modern. The detail looks beautiful on the matching chair as well!

If you’re interested in getting this look, I must preface that this isn’t something you’re likely to find “off the floor” at a furniture store. All of these images (and Liv’s too, I’m sure of it) were of projects completed by professional interior designers who have custom designed these pieces for their clients. Working with a designer, you’ll not only achieve a one-of-a-kind look, you’ll have access to vendors and resources that you wouldn’t have on your own and can achieve a beautifully designed space like these! If you’re interested in my design services, you can learn more here on the Nicole Gibbons Studio website and send me an inquiry on the contact page if you’d like to discuss your project in detail.

Image Credits: Top Image – Pamplemousse Design, Miles Redd , Jeffrey Bilhuber, Ruthie SommersNick Olsen, Carrier & Company




me too. I really like ti in the first image…because its a mix of classic + modern (in the space).



I totally agree! Adding bullion fringe to a piece of furniture totally transforms a good design into a one of a kind statement piece.

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