November 11, 2014 Stylish Spaces
Claudette NYC7

Yesterday I ate lunch at the most adorable little restaurant in Greenwich Village called Claudette. I’d seen pictures of the space earlier in the summer and have actually been meaning to write about Claudette even before I dined there because it’s just so pretty! Claudette is a Provençal restaurant located just steps from Washington Square Park and is the sister restaurant to anot …

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How to Decorate With Neutrals

October 30, 2014 Decorating
Decorating WIth Neutrals-7

It’s no secret that I love decorating with color, but I realize the idea of bold color choices is not one that everyone can embrace. I also don’t subscribe to the belief that beige is always boring. I actually think a room full of neutrals can be just as interesting as any colorful space with the right layers, textures and accents. This series of photos, courtesy of our friends at The E …

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Look For My Latest Ad Campaign On Newsstands Now!

October 28, 2014 Notes from Nicole

November issues are finally here and I couldn’t be more excited! Why, you ask? Because this month you can see me appearing in FOUR November issues on newsstands now in a fun ad campaign for the USPS sharing some great gift giving ideas and tips for the holidays! I shot this back in August which feels like forever ago so I’m thrilled to finally see this live and in print! You can c …

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3 Insanely Chic & Incredibly Easy Painted Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

October 27, 2014 Decorating

Halloween is right around the corner so this past weekend I finally got around to decorating the pumpkins I picked up a couple of weeks ago. When I was thinking of ideas for my pumpkins I knew I didn’t want any kitschy designs like a Jack O’ Lantern or spooky scene. I wanted my pumpkins to be super chic as well as neutral in color so I could easily incorporate them into my decor. I …

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The Boyfriend Throw – You Need One in Your Life!

October 23, 2014 Decorating
The Boyfriend Throw So Haute-2

You know the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans or the comfy boyfriend sweater that you love so much and just want to wear every day? Well, I’ve found it’s decorating equivalent and I’ve dubbed it The Boyfriend Throw! It’s super soft and warm, relaxed, a little bit oversized, perfectly broken in and so cozy you can’t help but want to cuddle up with it all the time. Kind of like a …

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My Living Room Makeover – All the Sources Revealed!

October 22, 2014 Decorating
Nicole Gibbons Living Room Makeover-15

I was lucky enough to have my living room makeover featured in several publications so you may have already seen some of these photos but not all of the publications gave credit to the items in my home and I’ve gotten a ton of questions about where certain pieces came from so, as promised, I’m sharing all my sources right here! By far is the most popular question I’ve gotten  …

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