Elaine’s Tiny But Mighty Studio Apartment Makeover

March 31, 2015 Decorating
Teen Vogue Editor Elaine Welteroth's Tiny Studio Makeover by Nicole Gibbons

When my friend Elaine downsized from a large apartment in Harlem with roommates to a small studio in the West Village she couldn’t figure out how to make her apartment look cohesive and stylish so I agreed to come by to give her a few pointers. Living in New York I’ve seen a lot of small apartments but when I first saw Elaine’s place I was stunned! It was teeny tiny! The main livi …

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Home Made Simple: DIY Fabric Lampshade

March 27, 2015 Decorating
DIY Fabric Lampshade

I realized I’ve been pretty quiet here on the blog about Home Made Simple and I wanted to share that new episodes with me have been airing on OWN so be sure to tune in on Saturdays at 9a/8a C!  When we’re filming the show we also shoot a series of fun webisodes with easy and creative DIYs to accompany each episode. Here’s a quick DIY video on how to make a stylish fabric lamp …

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A Teen Vogue Editor’s Stylish Rental Bathroom Makeover

March 26, 2015 Decorating
A Stylish Rental Bathroom Upgrade for Under $500!

My friend Elaine is one stylish woman. She also happens to be the Beauty & Health Director at Teen Vogue and not long ago she moved to a new apartment in the super trendy West Village. Elaine says that as long as she’s been in New York she has always wanted to have her very own Carrie Bradshaw moment living in the West Village but in order to live in one of Manhattan’s most coveted n …

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Before & After: Brooklyn Brownstone Kitchen Renovation

March 24, 2015 Decorating
A before and after Brooklyn Brownstone Kitchen Renovation - sohautestyle.com

I love a good before and after and in the case of my #ProjectParkSlope clients, the change after their kitchen reno was quite dramatic as you can see in these side by side photos. Here’s a quick look at the transformation…

This before shot is from the home’s real estate listing. The house was originally built in 1876 and although this pictures is actually fairly recent, the k …

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