Enviable Rooftop Gardens

June 18, 2011 Fab Finds

A terrace from the book Rooftop Gardens, features red maple trees, ivy, cypress, blue hydrangea, boxwood hedges and more, making this a beautiful and  a colorful oasis in the sky, high above Park Avenue.

In New York City outdoor living space is an extreme luxury that most people covet. There are a few who are lucky enough to enjoy a tiny sliver of outdoor space in the form of a balcony or ma …

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Winter Wonderland

December 8, 2009 Gardens & Outdoor Living

Doesn’t this photo from the Dec ’07 issue of Elle Decor totally embody the spirit of winter? For me it conjures up nostalgic memories of snowy childhood winters in Michigan and me with my sister making snow angels in our backyard. I can almost taste the snow! The photo is from a story on the country home of interior photographer and regular Elle Decor contributor William Waldron.

The …

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Houses & Gardens by François Halard

October 15, 2009 Gardens & Outdoor Living

Celebrated photographer François Halard never fails to produce images so captivating that upon first glance you feel as though you’re being taken on a magical journey. Such is the case with this series of houses and gardens from his portfolio. Each beautifully captured image transforms these already handsome gardens into a majestic fantasy land. The photos are soft, romantic and truly enc …

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Santa Barbara Part Deux: My Visit to Lotusland

February 4, 2009 Gardens & Outdoor Living

My business trip to Santa Barbara last week took me to a magical place called Lotusland which is the most beautiful botanical garden I’ve ever seen. Lotusland is a 37-acre estate and botanic garden in Montecito just east of Santa Barbara. I spent the day supervising a camera crew that was covering behind-the-scenes of a television commercial that was being taped on the property. Talk about …

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The Great Outdoors

April 13, 2008 Gardens & Outdoor Living

Photo by Julina Sohn for House & Garden, Apr ’07

I have a love hate relationship with New York. While there are definitely many things I adore about this city, two things I can’t stand are the lack of outdoor living space and the lack of natural beauty outside. There are a lucky few living in Manhattan who are fortunate enough to have their own private outdoor space whether it be a balco …

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