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Maple Cinnamon Spiced Nuts

December 24, 2014 Food & Recipes
Cinnamon Spiced Nuts 4

I have a few super easy, go-to snack recipes that I have on deck when I’m entertaining at home and one of them are these yummy maple cinnamon spiced nuts. If I’m hosting a dinner these are great for people to nosh on before the meal is served and they also make the perfect little nibbles for a cocktail party. They’re crunchy, sweet and not too heavily candy-coated with a thin layer …

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Cranberry Mint Ice Cubes

December 18, 2014 Food & Recipes
Cranberry Mint Ice Cubes 13

The combination of cranberries and mint is a great way to elevate and infuse seasonal flair to your ice cubes. Add them to a glass of sparkling water or ginger ale to create a deliciously simple non-alcoholic spritzer for your next cocktail party or you can pop a few cubes into a glass of still water for a little extra zest. They’re so colorful and pretty and also super easy to …

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Heavenly Hot Chocolate

December 3, 2014 Food & Recipes
Decadent Hot Chocolate Recipe3

When I was a kid one of the things I looked forward in the winter was hours of playing outside in the snow then coming inside to a cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows that my mom would make. And as an adult, I still crave a good cup of hot chocolate when it’s cold out. There is a place in New York that everybody here knows called City Bakery that is known to have the best hot c …

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Post-Holiday Detox: Beet, Apple & Mint Juice

November 28, 2014 Food & Recipes
Post Thanksgiving Detox

If you stuffed yourself silly during your holiday celebration here’s a great video tutorial via Everyday Food for a delicious and detoxifying beet, apple and ginger juice. Beet juice is incredibly high in antioxidants and help aid digestion, helps eliminate toxins in the liver and helps improve blood flow as well as lower blood pressure. The mint helps aid digestion and can also help s …

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Cran-Apple Butter

November 26, 2014 Food & Recipes
Cran Apple Butter Recipe6

If you’re looking to put a twist on traditional cranberry sauce, try a cran-apple butter instead! Think of the sweet and warm cinnamon flavor of a classic apple butter combined with deliciously tart cranberries and you yourself a totally fresh, perfect pairing for your Thanksgiving turkey!

Cran-Apple Butter

3 lb. of a soft variety of apple (I use McIntosh)
I package (12oz) of fresh cran …

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The Cranhattan (Plus Details on a Fab Giveaway!)

November 26, 2014 Decorating
Cranhattan Cocktail Recipe 5 copy copy

When planning a holiday celebration, I always have a signature drink on-deck that I can serve up at a moment’s notice. I love a warm and oaky bourbon during the cold weather months and since ’tis the season for cranberries, I decided to put a cranberry twist on my favorite bourbon cocktail. Dubbed “The Cranhattan,” this drink adds a seasonal touch to a classic Manhattan cocktail …

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