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Halloween Pumpkin Pie Spice Pancakes

October 15, 2014 Food & Recipes

We’re halfway through October and I’m finally starting to get in the Halloween spirit! I’m not sure if I want to dress up this year but I definitely plan to embrace a few festive touches at home so I can still enjoy a bit of Halloween fun! One of my most favorite things in this world are pancakes. They just seem to make everything better. I got excited when I saw these super cute Hal …

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Cinnamon Spice Roasted Carrots

September 30, 2014 Food & Recipes
Nicole Gibbons Roasted Carrots

It’s totally true that your tastebuds change as you get older because when I was a little girl I HATED carrots.  I remember being forced to eat carrots that were soft and mushy with all the flavor cooked out of them so I generally just went through life avoiding carrots at all cost. Then something changed. When I committed to healthy eating in my adulthood, I started eating raw carro …

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Yum Recipe: Thanksgiving Leftover Grilled Brie, Turkey, Cranberry and Avocado Sandwich

November 30, 2013 Food & Recipes

Are you already getting bored with your Thanksgiving leftovers? I think I have one day left before I’m all Thanksgiving leftover’d out and I came across this turkey sandwich recipe which makes for a creative way to transform my tired turkey into a delicious, savory sandwich. I can’t wait to try it out!


4 slices cranberry walnut bread
6 slices brie, rind removed
4 slices tu …

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Yum Recipe: Quinoa Fruit Salad with Sweet Honey Lime Dressing

June 2, 2013 Food & Recipes

Yum Recipe features a curated selection of the easy and delicious recipes we’re loving from our Yum board on Pinterest! Be sure to follow So Haute on Pinterest here

It’s finally feeling like summer and all I’m craving is refreshing summer fruit which is my favorite healthy snack to enjoy in the midst of the summer heat. Did you know that it’s currently peak season for blueberr …

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Yum Recipe: Blood Orange Sangria

May 25, 2013 Food & Recipes

Yum Recipe features a curated selection of the easy and delicious recipes we’re loving from our Yum board on Pinterest! Be sure to follow So Haute on Pinterest here

I’m a super light weight drinker so I tend to gravitate towards light, fruity drinks that are lower in alcohol content which is why Sangrias are totally up my alley! Originating from Spain, sangrias are a simple wine co …

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