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Jot Down Your New Years Resolutions in These Chic Leather Notebooks From Smythson!

January 10, 2011 Entertaining Essentials

Make it Happen
and Follow Your Dreams notebooks, $75. Be Happy notebook, $60.

Along with a new year comes new dreams, new aspirations and resolutions to improve ourselves and our lives. I recently declared “Make it Happen” my personal mantra for 2011 so when I came across this chic notebook emblazoned with those very words, I wanted it immediately! I’m thinking of getting this as my pe …

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5 Favorites for Social Stationery

October 13, 2009 Entertaining Essentials

My desk

I have fond memories of receiving my first set of personalized stationery. When I was 6 or 7 my mom surprised me with a set of pink, purple and sea green folded note cards, note pads and envelopes with little seashells all over and I thought it was beyond cool that my name was printed on them. I would always find excuses to write notes to people just so I could use it. Nowadays pe …

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The Smythson Guide to Everyday Stationery

March 16, 2009 Gifting & Ettiquette

A couple of years ago I picked up a copy of The Smythson Guide to Everyday Stationery, a useful reference book on the art of correspondence by Smythson of Bond Street. I originally purchased my pink leather bound edition shown above as a gift for someone else but loved it so much I ended up keeping it for myself!

The book mainly focuses on etiquette and style but is also is a primer on stat …

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